Pune-Hyderabad-Pune (Pre Date)

Last week passed by me in a blink of eye moment, Hyderabad trip turned out to be great fun. I surprised Sari by going there unannounced, though Suma had already given her a hint, still the moment we saw each other was incredible.

Wedding shopping from Hyderabad; nothing went as planned, and how could it be? I didn’t plan anything, I did not have a to-buy list. I just picked up a set of bangles and a bling bling hair clip. So this is how I started my wedding shopping, with bangles.

I did go out to buy a gift for A to give on our first date (date details should be recorded in next post 🙂 ), with little time in hand I thought of buying a shirt. I did not like any shirt, there on the counter were pretty little box of cuff-links, I selected one but to my luck it was a bit broken and they did not have another similar one. So, I started looking for other options and finally ended up getting set of wallet and waist belt. Now I think it is a better option than a shirt, wallet he can carry always with him.  🙂

All week in Hyderabad I could not find time to go to beauty parlour too 😦 So I did home face clean up on Thursday; scrubbing-facepack-moisturizing. Did home pedicure on Friday while cooking gajar ka halwa.

Friday evening full tired I was back in Pune and I had the big task of making gajar ka halwa for A. Tired of the flight journey and full week of hectic work in office, my back had given up and was crying for lying down. But I’d to cook halwa for him, so 9.00 pm I went for halwa ingredients shopping, then grating the carrots and preparing the halwa, I could reach bed only at 1:30 am 😦 Too tired to have even dinner I retired to bed, but but sleep was no where to be seen. Call it excitement, nervousness of meeting him for the first time or whatever I wasn’t able to sleep at all. At the same time I was too worried that I would have puffy eyes on my first date, and beauty sleep had to be sacrificed for halwa.

In the end all this did not matter, cause halwa turned out to be delicious.  🙂





So many things seem to be happening at once, yet again. Same time I couldn’t be less excited about A’s visit to Pune next weekend. Which will be our first date, officially. 🙂
What’s bothering me is the work trip to Hyderabad for whole of next week, which is not yet confirmed but it’s unavoidable. Should I go to Hyderabad I need to be back to Pune before A comes here. This Hyderabad trip would blow all my preparation time before the big ‘Date’. 😦
On the brighter side I’m already making a list of items to shop from Hyderabad 😉 Plus dear bestie is also on work trip to Hyderabad and we would be able to meet after one year.

Hoping everything to sort out by itself!

Hunt for photojournalist

I do not wish the weeding to be covered by videography, hence would convince parents to strike out this item. For photography I do not wish to hire any professional photographer, their shots tend to bore me. They shoot all the weddings in similar manner, if one looks thru their shots of different weddings it would be evident that all the pictures are similar only the face are changed. One word boring pictures.

I wish to have photojournalist cover the wedding and all the pre ceremonies (update: have only Haldi and Mehendi). I’m lost here, I have seen many photojournalist but most of them work in metros, and I’m worried if I would be able to find anyone in Indore. 😦

I do not want someone to come over from another city, that would add to cost a lot. Already photojournalist charge more than boring professional photographer. Internet is of no help, I could not find anyone from Indore. I can ask brother to check his friends network, but I do not have much hope that this would work. Who would suggest some decent photojournalist?

Some beautiful photographs from internet


Why no Lehenga talks?

I have been keeping myself away from all the thought concerning lehenga. Why, you ask? Don’t girls start dreaming about how perfect their wedding lehenga will be since childhood? Yes yes, I have been imagining how it would be; the base-color, blouse color, metal work color, beads or diamonds (fake :D) and what not. But since I got engaged; oh yes let me tell you, I’m not engaged cause I do not have a ring on my finger. So is the reason I did not make an engagement blog-post cause it would be nothing but full of sad emoticons. I’m so sad about the fact that I won’t have my engagement ceremony, and all the dreams I woven around being engaged. In-laws said they do not have a ritual of engagement, I was like WTH. Parents have to bow to it and cancel our plan, thereby shattering all my dreams (ok, not all but most of them) in one strike.  So, now I’m engaged in air.

So, the reason of me not thinking about lehenga is that I do not want to be more sad, like I became after the no-engagement ceremony. If tomorrow they come up with something like, ‘we have ritual of buying nikah dress from our side’ I would have to make Lehnga post full of sad and crying emoticons. If I get any lucky they will agree to let me buy it. I’ve asked Mum to talk to my mother in law about the same. Mum has promised she will try to convince them and let me choose my lehenga. Mum also said it would be better to talk about this only after we have fixed the date of wedding. Yes, families are still not sure about it, at the moment it can be a date from last two weekends of February.

It takes a lot of strength to not let the thoughts wonder in lehenga imaginations. Dear heart, please be aware that you’re deprived of this happiness only to save you from the huge heart-ache that would follow, should I not be allowed to decide my lehenga. Now, I’m waiting for the permission and praying with all my might to let me have this pleasure at least; after that big disappointment of engagement fiasco.

The making of even and glowing skin

With whatever little time I have (February is just two months away; Sigh!) I must start taking care of my skin. The winter makes my dry skin super dry and it cracks from every possible dimension, I must think for something to fix it. I assume February will also be cold, and I would continue to have dry-skin issues.

Glowy skin naturally:  Internet is new girl-friend for all the tips. Hit ‘Glowy skin’ in Google and you get zillions of tips; Bheja fried. Which one will work, which one will work faster? So anyways, while browsing I found that having tea helps skin from wrinkles. This is a relief cause I’m down 3-4 cups a tea per day and was thinking of cutting down to 1-2 cups, now no worries my tea is helping my skin 😀

Lemon plays an important role to make skin glow (Read on) . Since I’ve grown up by hearing the miracles for lemon from Mum and Bua, I’m going to try this for sure.

Dark elbows and knees: Have to figure out something for this 😦

To Do:

  1. Invest in a good night cream (Friend suggested something from Oriflame with pomegranate extracts )
  2. For body lotion I’ve started with Nivea for dry skin (that dark blue bottle), but I think Pond’s was working better for winter
  3. Body wash: I was using Enliven Raspberry & Red Apple Shower Gel, which I picked only for raspberry’s fragrance in it ;). Surprisingly it was working on my dry skin, I notice now cause it is over and I’m back to dove soap. Enliven is not easily available, but I must find the shower gel again. Or anything that works better? I can use a few suggestions
  4. Stop biting nails (Nails part of skin-care?). I have these ugly finger nails, all thanks to my habit of chewing them till the root. (Already working on this)
  5. Must not get lazy and do CTM every night
  6. Exfoliating: This is very important, for work I go out every day and skin becomes dull due to pollution. I used to exfoliate twice a week, but now I’ve become too lazy to care. I was using Everyouth walnut scrub for 4 years. But last time I bought something from VLCC orange scrub, which is too mild. I think I  should start using it as daily face-wash and invest in my ol’ Everyouth scrub again
  7. Buy fresh lemons every day to use lemon juice for face message

I must update this post with the status of my skin.

The start

I had to take a round trip to home town (one way 14 hrs via bus) over the weekend. The tentative in laws wanted to meet me and all that. By the end of Sunday evening their designation  was upgraded to would-be in-laws and all I could hear was ‘Mubarak ho Mubarak ho!’ (Congratulations!). Apart from so many more important things, it was decided that my designation should also be upgraded to ‘Mrs’ by February 2013.

I think I’m not ready yet, and the worst part is I don’t know when will be I ready. So, I just want to start working towards everything that one needs to do when planning for the Wedding.

I should be able to make sense of my thoughts and put them in next post.