The making of even and glowing skin

With whatever little time I have (February is just two months away; Sigh!) I must start taking care of my skin. The winter makes my dry skin super dry and it cracks from every possible dimension, I must think for something to fix it. I assume February will also be cold, and I would continue to have dry-skin issues.

Glowy skin naturally:  Internet is new girl-friend for all the tips. Hit ‘Glowy skin’ in Google and you get zillions of tips; Bheja fried. Which one will work, which one will work faster? So anyways, while browsing I found that having tea helps skin from wrinkles. This is a relief cause I’m down 3-4 cups a tea per day and was thinking of cutting down to 1-2 cups, now no worries my tea is helping my skin 😀

Lemon plays an important role to make skin glow (Read on) . Since I’ve grown up by hearing the miracles for lemon from Mum and Bua, I’m going to try this for sure.

Dark elbows and knees: Have to figure out something for this 😦

To Do:

  1. Invest in a good night cream (Friend suggested something from Oriflame with pomegranate extracts )
  2. For body lotion I’ve started with Nivea for dry skin (that dark blue bottle), but I think Pond’s was working better for winter
  3. Body wash: I was using Enliven Raspberry & Red Apple Shower Gel, which I picked only for raspberry’s fragrance in it ;). Surprisingly it was working on my dry skin, I notice now cause it is over and I’m back to dove soap. Enliven is not easily available, but I must find the shower gel again. Or anything that works better? I can use a few suggestions
  4. Stop biting nails (Nails part of skin-care?). I have these ugly finger nails, all thanks to my habit of chewing them till the root. (Already working on this)
  5. Must not get lazy and do CTM every night
  6. Exfoliating: This is very important, for work I go out every day and skin becomes dull due to pollution. I used to exfoliate twice a week, but now I’ve become too lazy to care. I was using Everyouth walnut scrub for 4 years. But last time I bought something from VLCC orange scrub, which is too mild. I think I  should start using it as daily face-wash and invest in my ol’ Everyouth scrub again
  7. Buy fresh lemons every day to use lemon juice for face message

I must update this post with the status of my skin.


One thought on “The making of even and glowing skin

  1. Nice suggestions there to be bride! Well nivea white lotion is better than blue… 😀 Bt u shud go for watever suits u best…R u using rose water/cleanser daily? Which one do you use? Also go for monthly mani and really makes a difference…I tried once and I wnt to go again and again now! Will find something and try and suggest you …u know my wedding is in summer,the hot april month! so plenty of time for me.. 😀 hence i m chillaxed presently…anyways i went to this lakme salon and they have some pre bridal stuff..i went thru the list…u dont need to go to lakme but try doing this…mani-pedi every 15-20 days till marriage..get thm waxed,bleached and mositurised and cleaned…it will definitely make a big difference…


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