Hunt for photojournalist

I do not wish the weeding to be covered by videography, hence would convince parents to strike out this item. For photography I do not wish to hire any professional photographer, their shots tend to bore me. They shoot all the weddings in similar manner, if one looks thru their shots of different weddings it would be evident that all the pictures are similar only the face are changed. One word boring pictures.

I wish to have photojournalist cover the wedding and all the pre ceremonies (update: have only Haldi and Mehendi). I’m lost here, I have seen many photojournalist but most of them work in metros, and I’m worried if I would be able to find anyone in Indore. 😦

I do not want someone to come over from another city, that would add to cost a lot. Already photojournalist charge more than boring professional photographer. Internet is of no help, I could not find anyone from Indore. I can ask brother to check his friends network, but I do not have much hope that this would work. Who would suggest some decent photojournalist?

Some beautiful photographs from internet



4 thoughts on “Hunt for photojournalist

  1. I neverknew there is something or rather someone called as a photojournalist… My bad!
    But I think where there’s a will there’s a way…We could definitely find one…Indore is not tht small a city to be afterall!


  2. Hello,

    I’m flattered that you would include one of my photographs as an example of what you’re looking for in photography for your wedding. My colleague Hardy Klahold and myself would love to travel to Indore to photograph your wedding:-) We reside in Colorado USA. What is your date?

    But if you’d rather retain a more local photographer, simply give them the direction of what type of work you like. Many photographers prefer to work in a photo journalistic style, but are persuaded by the mothers, fathers brides and grooms, to make the kind of photographs you dislike.


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