Pune-Hyderabad-Pune (Pre Date)

Last week passed by me in a blink of eye moment, Hyderabad trip turned out to be great fun. I surprised Sari by going there unannounced, though Suma had already given her a hint, still the moment we saw each other was incredible.

Wedding shopping from Hyderabad; nothing went as planned, and how could it be? I didn’t plan anything, I did not have a to-buy list. I just picked up a set of bangles and a bling bling hair clip. So this is how I started my wedding shopping, with bangles.

I did go out to buy a gift for A to give on our first date (date details should be recorded in next post 🙂 ), with little time in hand I thought of buying a shirt. I did not like any shirt, there on the counter were pretty little box of cuff-links, I selected one but to my luck it was a bit broken and they did not have another similar one. So, I started looking for other options and finally ended up getting set of wallet and waist belt. Now I think it is a better option than a shirt, wallet he can carry always with him.  🙂

All week in Hyderabad I could not find time to go to beauty parlour too 😦 So I did home face clean up on Thursday; scrubbing-facepack-moisturizing. Did home pedicure on Friday while cooking gajar ka halwa.

Friday evening full tired I was back in Pune and I had the big task of making gajar ka halwa for A. Tired of the flight journey and full week of hectic work in office, my back had given up and was crying for lying down. But I’d to cook halwa for him, so 9.00 pm I went for halwa ingredients shopping, then grating the carrots and preparing the halwa, I could reach bed only at 1:30 am 😦 Too tired to have even dinner I retired to bed, but but sleep was no where to be seen. Call it excitement, nervousness of meeting him for the first time or whatever I wasn’t able to sleep at all. At the same time I was too worried that I would have puffy eyes on my first date, and beauty sleep had to be sacrificed for halwa.

In the end all this did not matter, cause halwa turned out to be delicious.  🙂




2 thoughts on “Pune-Hyderabad-Pune (Pre Date)

  1. Well the week was awesome and the surprise too! Thanks swthrt! I m still feeling all biryani 😉 😀
    Now don;t u lie to be bride…u actually did get time to wax in Hyd 😛 Pretty glad that A liked the gift and the gajar ka halwa was a big surprise and a big hit too I guess 😀 I too want some…he he he


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