Quick Update – Lehenga hunt is on!

Let me note down the details before I start forgetting them. First a good news is here, MIL has given the permission to choose the lehenga all by myself, yay! Me and Mom are weaving the dream dress for me, Mom and I are planning two days trip to Delhi sometime in next week for my wedding and wedding reception lehengas. Brother insists that we shop them from Bhopal, cause it is near to Indore and we can go there anytime we want, but I’m not sure if we would find a nice one in Bhopal, I’m gonna go on Delhi trip. Since Delhi is having lots of protest plus that killing ‘Delhi ki sardi’ (Delhi Winter) we may face some troubles, but I’m okay with that. Now for one thing we are sure is that, Nikah’s dress should be of red color (MIL has pressed on this) I’m okay with this. Mom always wanted me to have pink lehenga. Hence, I will be getting red one for Nikah and pink one for reception. Dress color decided one less thing to think about πŸ™‚

I’ve taken a break for two weeks and I hope to complete all the shopping and whatever pre-wedding things would be there in this time. I will not be taking more vacation before wedding, it may happen that I come home just a day or two before the haldi ceremony. Hehehe… it’s funny but I think some other guest may arrive before the bride comes home. πŸ˜€ Can’t help it, working bride issues.

This weekend there A and his family will be coming my home and we will have sort of private engagement ceremony (Yay!). Less time and other things constrained us to not have a big party, Mom is sad about it cause she wanted to invite all of her relatives and have a bang engagement. I think a small one should be better, cause we have so many things to take care of and so little time, and here I want to tell that wedding date is fixed, its the second weekend of February. See, too little time, hence I’m happy with this small engagement ceremony.

Going to market with Mom to shop post lunch, again!


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