Make-up fears

Saturday we have an informal engagement ceremony. My dress is ready; a dark pink bling anarkali. Footwear not ready;must get tomorrow. I’m afraid about make-up artist, Mom discovered a nice salon we visited today and made an appointment for Saturday morning. I made it clear to make-up artist that I do not want anything overboard, just very natural make-up; even skin, light blush and neutral lips. I dread to get make up done, what if I look like my face has been whitewashed? It’s not like that I don’t use make-up or I do not know anything about it, still I can’t help but be afraid about things going wrong on important day.

At the same time I can’t help feeling more angry with myself. I’ve left most of my makeup in Pune, while coming home I just threw 4 lipsticks in my bag and left my eyeliners, eyeshadows back in Pune. If only I’d carried all that I would have done decent makeup by myself. But I was too excited to get it done in salon 😦 I don’t want to buy all those things again for one day use only.

Not yet sure how I’m gonna end up looking. I’m thankful for one thing that I alway have one mascara in my bag.

Piece of advise to all the girls, always and always carry your makeup with yourself.


One thought on “Make-up fears

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