Quick update

If I had a chance to blog post anytime in last week it would have contained travel itineraries only. The week passed by was too tiring, so much that I lost my skin glow and a few pounds too. Let me list down the things chronologically. First it was a great two days trip to Bangalore. Though it was work related, me and A got a chance to spend wonderful time together. He came to pick me, poor fellow had to wait 2 hours as my flight got delayed due to fog  😦
Next day I completed all my work and spent rest of the time with A. But couldn’t help inviting friends to join us for dinner, which made A a little upset. Later the same night A dropped me to Airport for my early morning flight back to Indore. We had memorable time at airport πŸ™‚ With all sweet memories, I got complimentary back ache that wouldn’t leave me till day.
Anyways back to Indore and little time in hand as my vacations were nearing end, Mom and me started to Bhopal for our lehenga shopping. Thank God that winter had been less cold that time and we completed our lehenga shopping. Well as for lehengas, they are very pretty and not yet delivered. My bad luck is that I wouldn’t be able to see and try them when they will be completed, as I’m going back to Pune tomorrow or shall I say today.
So here is the big good news, I’m officially relocating to Bangalore, yep to A’s city. This week will be Indore->Pune->Bangalore πŸ™‚
With so many things to do, I shall now pass on to my beauty sleep.


6 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Lovely post! Glad you found your dream lehenga. I reside in Pune too and was planning on checking out Bhopal for lehengas.

    Could you please recommend some places to visit in Bhopal? Also, It would be great if you could give me some idea about the price range. Thanks!


    • I had to do my shopping in one day, so couldn’t explore much, Nadeem Road, Ibrahimpura in Bhopal is the place where I bought them. You can find many options in mid range lenhegas (20-30k), I’m not sure about high price one cause I wasn’t looking for one πŸ˜€
      Caution: One should be an expert in bargaining, there are only a few fixed rate shops, rest all are high bargain shops.
      Enjoy shopping!


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