One month to go!

Great deal of things have happened in last one and half months. Change is coming from all directions. For one thing I’m greatly thankful is that I relocated to Bangalore before wedding. ‘A’ could not relocate to Pune(even though I wanted us to settle in Pune and tried to convince him a lot) we’re happy to be in same city. I’m writing this from my new office in Bangalore, it is my first day at work.
With exactly one month to…

Now I continue to write this from bed, the meeting started while I was updating the post in day. Ok, now that location issue is resolved the other important things are crying out for attention; search for rented house is the high priority now. A had been looking for one week and he doesn’t like anything till now. Location is another constraint; as mine and his offices are at opposite end of city. Do I need to tell anything about Bangalore’s traffic? I miss Pune already 😦
Once we finalise a house next thing will be to stuff it with essential furniture. Amidst all this our wedding shopping is suffering, poor A hasn’t even started looking for his dresses. Thank God I gave my lehengas order last week.

I should now retire to sleep, as my back continues to ache for more than a week. I’m worried how I would be able to sit straight on wedding day. 


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