Dream home!

It gives me immense pleasure to type this, we have found a house!! Not bought, it’s a rented small 1BHK pent house. Poor A had been searching a decent flat in certain localities(somewhere in middle of our offices as they are at opposite end of city). Last weekend I also joined him for house hunt, I was damn tired of roaming in streets, looking houses. It is very disappointing to tell that how money minded Bangalore people have become. They have commercialized house rental to extremes, in space of a normal 1BHK you will find tiny 2 rooms named as 2BHK. Some flats were literally like poultry farms(darbas), house/land owners are building flats for rooster not humans. Ofcource one can find an apartment in nice society, but not everyone can afford it.
Anyways, I’m thankful that I could come to Bangalore before wedding and selected the house, which is not a great but it is enough for our needs at this point of time. Meanwhile my stuff from Pune has also arrived and I have requested packers and movers to have it delivered to our new house(A’s address was provided as Ship to address since we dint have a house that time). This is a big strikeout from our to-do list, next we go shopping for A’s sherwani. He wants me to accompany him despite of me forcing him to go with his friends, I think they would be better to tell about guys clothes, anyways A’s wish. 😀
Too many things to do, so little time. I must now lull myself to my beauty sleep.


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