The Done and To-do (20 days to go!)

How would I ever be able to thank my Mother and for that matter dear God for blessing me with bestest lady. I’m away from home trying to settle in new city, doing tit bit shopping, cribbing about lack of rest and what not. Dear Mom is visiting market every day, making list of invitees, posting out invitation cards, taking my request to buy this that, fixing everything. I hate to be away from home and not been able help Mom, my wedding vacation doesn’t start till 10th Feb. With so many things yet to be done, Mom has taken care of almost everything.

The done

  • Wedding invitation, card printed, dispatch started
  • Lehenga (Finished lehengas were received last week, haven’t seen them yet)
  • Make-up artist- Confirmed; Mom made appointment, cousin got the makeup done at the same salon and it was fab, so going with the same. This is not the one I visited for my engagement. I must tell that my engagement makeup was a disaster, will update the details in dedicated post
  • Photographer (Done, brother needs to confirm)
  • Mehndi artist (Confirmed, Mom made appointment). Below is the pic of my engagement mehndi, I din’t like it much, it was done by Bhabhi


To Do:-

  • Make list of invitees, my friends. Including people in office and collecting theri email ids (it’s high time)
  • Buy curtains for new home. Also some basic furniture, and household, first I must make a list *Sigh*
  • Matching jewellery for wedding and reception lehenga
  • A few more basic makeup. Have enough lipsticks, should get a foundation and compact. Also one spare kajal too, will pick up Lakme Eyconic one. Phew! Makeup list can be made on the go too 😀
  • Golden hand clutch. Will buy only one for both the lehengas
  • Footwear for wedding day – MIL bought one for me and she wants me to wear them, but I’m not sure that I would like it. So, I’m going to buy an extra pair myself. I’ve in mind how I want it to be, should be closed golden peep toes, with medium heels. Less heels for conform and I’m not confident that I would be able to carry heavy lehenga with high heels, also I do not want to look taller than A 😛

Exactly like the one in below picture but with peep toes

With so many more things to do and time running out of hand like sands, I must make proper plans to complete all the things before hand.



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