Makeup disaster alert! – Indore

I’ve been meaning to let out my anger on post for so long. Remember how afraid I was for my makeup in here? It breaks my heart to say that my nightmare came true on such an important day. As update, Mom found this nice Salon and fixed an appointment with the MUA, I was pretty convinced that things will be ok, if not best. But to my horror the makeup turned out to be a disaster.

As soon as I stepped in the salon very clearly I stated how I want my look to be, the MUA seemed to understand(now I believe that he is incapable of comprehending Hindi). I told him I want evenout skin, it should match my natural color, no heavy eye makeup and I asked which brand he is going to use on me. He took a few budget brand name, I was okay with it. (In anyways I wasn’t expecting him to use MAC, YSL or any such high end brands). he started with primer, so far so good, then with concealer and some other clay type products. Then it just stuck me that he is applying whatever products on face only, I told him cover my neck too, then only he gave any attention to it(How lame for a MUA to not cover neck area?). From this point I was starting to get afraid, and kept peeping. Sometimes later he was finished with base makeup and when I opened my eyes I found a clay statue in the mirror opposite to me. I was like what it this? Can’t you match my skin tone? It is at least two shades darker than my natural color. He was like let me finish, and this is where I made the blunder of letting him continue to spoil my look.

Now let me note down his awesome techniques, I know I know everyone has their own style, but his was plain horror.  MUA Make up illiterate, started with eyes next, I told him no bright colors, he went ahead and put on pink, can you believe this man? Next I told him I don’t want my kajal in waterline cause my eyes are small, he puts kajal and I started to look like panda. Now mascara part, I said where is the eye lash curler and he was like 😐 Ok, the worst is not yet over, he applied mascara with figures, now you can imagine his talent. Oh! and how the pretty lips can be spared the cruelty, after my lips were done, I felt like I’ve just sucked goat’s blood; so vampy. Believe me I looked like a clay statue with dirty bloody lips and pink eyes. In end I had to rush to home and wash my face and fixed the look myself; I dabbed some compact powder, applied kajal and my fuchsia lipstick. Then only I could breathe normally.

No one can be perfect in anything one does, I do not want to make someone miserable due to their inability to perform some task. At the same time I would not let people like this MUA destroy dreams of girls who wish to look pretty on their special days, and end up feeling sad despite of spending hard earned money.

Now all the girls in Indore who ever consider to go to below mentioned salon, please think if you want to be pretty at your special day or look like ghost?

Innovation Cure,

152, Jaora Compound, Indore


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