Berry in every product

If a product has mention of berry in its name or description it falls in my shopping cart. But not every berry product work. Here is an interesting fact about berries (or about me?) that till 2007 I knew only strawberry, then suddenly world graced me with the knowledge that there are many berries to go into your moisturizer, shampoo, body wash etc. Ofcourse they can be eaten too (another secret fact, I’ve not had any berry but strawberry). So lets walk through how I use different berries in my daily life:

My favorite berry raspberry in Avon NATURALS Raspberry & Hibiscus Shower Gel; which leaves skin moisturized and with lovely berry fragrance. Love!


Garnier Fructis Kids-sporty Strawberry Shampoo;

smells very strawberry, as it is kids shampoo I assumed it would be milder than ours but it makes hair very very dry. After first few use I now use it for my pedicure 😀


Faces: Naturally Upper Canada Hand and Body Lotion, Cranberry Moro Orange; smells awful, moisturizes ok.


If there are more amazing berry products that I must try, please mention them in comments?

Berry Bye!

PS: Berry berry welcome ladybug 🙂


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