Love Locks

Whole of last week I would walk across Isar river to reach work. Once I stopped on the river bridge to watch the beautiful river, which is when for the first time I saw many little locks on bridge’s railing, ah cute; but why there are so many locks, there must be a reason. Same evening I started to Google why there are locks on river bridge. My key words were ‘wishing locks’ – nothing, ‘wishing locks on bridge’ – nothing, ‘locks locks locks…’ – nothing, ‘locks on river’ – yay! Then started a long reading of rituals of love locks.

This is interesting and you can do it yourself! First you need a lover and you should be his/her lover too. Next any of you can go to the nearest local market and buy a fancy lock, get your initials engraved on the lock. Tip: You can use a permanent marker and write it yourself. The next step is important, pay attention; both of the sweethearts go to the river’s bridge(don’t forget to carry to lock and key).  Hand in hand lock the lock on bridge’s railing, close your eyes and throw the key in river. You’re done! Like the lock which will be locked on the bridge  forever your love is also locked for each other forever, ah sweet. Well technically the lock can be removed, there are forgers. But let’s assume that lock is going to stay there forever, like your love.


PS: It is a crime to love lock on bridges


Bahuti Falls – MP

On our Eid vacation we sneaked out of home once and visited this beautiful waterfall near my in-laws place, I love visiting water-falls, lakes, rivers, beaches, mountains… The best time to visit the natural spots is rainy season, unfortunately that is also the most dangerous time. But the beauty of nature in masoon is worth the risk.

Bahuti falls is located in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh state of India. This beautiful falls is not popular, at the curve of road which gives you the first view of falls one can see a MP tourism board. There is one small guest-house too, which we dared not enter.  Not many people visit it and there is no easy road to reach it.

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Husband wouldn’t let me go near to take full falls pictures 😦  Also the fog was very heavy, the water drops and only when wind blew I could see the falls. Visiting it on a sunny day in mansoon would be best to have clear view, hopefully next time!