MaybellineIndia’s Baby Lips – No More!

My super dry skin always needs attention and full protection, lips specially. There are always 2-3 lip balms in my bag. Last year Maybelline launched the super cute Baby lips, immediately I wanted to own a few. But sadly we had to wait for their launch in India. And then they finally arrived in Indian market with bang. Alia Bhutt endorsed them still all that hype couldn’t makeup for the cheap Indian Baby Lips version. Nevertheless I found Mango Pie quickly and then got Coral Flush, which I no longer use.



You see the difference? Well no more cheap looking Baby Lips for me. I’ve finally got my hands on the original Baby Lips in Germany! It’s cute and original, and not available in India.



PS: I also found Burt Bee’s, and they rock! More about them in another post.



5 thoughts on “MaybellineIndia’s Baby Lips – No More!

  1. I live in Belgium, and by us you have only the ‘regular’ babèylips like they have in Gerany, i want sooo much the babylips from Asia, India


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