In clouds – Nandi Hills, Karnataka

This was a quick half day trip to Nandi Hills, which is around 60 KMs from Bangalore. They say it is best to reach on the hill before sunrise, we started from our house on our bike around 3:30 am and reached hill top at 6:15  am. By the time we reached hill top Sun had risen already, nevertheless the golden clouds on the way to top were beautiful. The road is in very good condition, two wheelers and four wheelers can reach top without any hassle.

Sunrise on the way to hill top.


After you reach hill-top (by paying 20 rupees entry fee per person and 20 rupee for parking a two wheeler), the only thing of interest is the view point. A platform of iron plates is made from where people can view the sunrise and get profile pictures clicked for Facebook. I heard one guy, ‘arey mere to ek bhi profile picture nahi liya abhi tak’ 😀


Now you’re in clouds, I wanted to jump in there and float in clouds 😀


Clouds were so dense I could not see the land below, it was pleasant


Beware! It is all Monkey Business there. You see that monkey is eating my big pack of potato chips? Yes, monkeys will come fom no-where and snatch anything eatable. So it is better to go stuffed and not carry anything to eat while enjoying beautiful sunrise.




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