Quick kadai vegetables


Cooking on weekdays is always a challenge, be it in morning (quick lunch) or night (quick dinner). I always think before starting to fix a meal, what can be cooked quickly and yet not compromised on taste. See ‘quick’ is the buzz word on weekdays, think something quick to be cooked quick. My notes on this post are for quick karai veg, this is the most simplified version I could quickly think.


I gave it kadai vegetable name for two reasons; 1. It is cooked in karadi 😉 2. The vegetables are cute in square shape like karai chicken or karai paneer. So lets first start with pre…

Ingredients :-

  1. Oil – 4 tbsp
  2. Cumin – 1/2 tsp
  3. Onion – 1 medium
  4. Bell pepper – 2 medium
  5. Potatoes – 1 medium
  6. Tomato – 1 big
  7. Coriander powder – 2 tbsp
  8. Dave ka divy garam masala – 1 tsp (magical ingredient, which is available only in Indore, substitute it with any garam masala)
  9. Red chilly powder – 1 tsp
  10. Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp
  11. Salt – 1 tsp


Cut onion in square shape (1×1 cm), separate all the layers from each other. Remove seeds from inside of bell pepper, cut in square shape like onion. Peal and cut potato in square slices, (thickness should not be like cube, or they will take too much time to cook, remember the mantra ‘quick’) . Now, the tomato, remove all the pulp and seeds from tomato, and drink it immediately, cut the tomato in same squares are bell pepper.


Heat oil in karai on low medium flame; add cumin seeds, once they start crackling add onions give a violent stir; fry for 2 mins. Now add bell peppers stir again, slowly; let it fry for 4 mins. Next add potatoes, stir stir; fry for another 3-4 minutes. Sprinkle chilly powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, salt and at last garam masala. Stir, make sure dry masala is evenly spread in all veggies. Wait till bell pepper start to turn soft (the color will change to dark green ), now add tomatoes and stir gently. Cover karai with lid, turn the heat to lowest and leave it for 4-5 minutes. Open and check if potatoes are cooked and are soft, if yes turn the heat off. You can add more color to this dish by choosing mix of yellow – green color bell pepper.

Tada, karai veg is ready!



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