December skin care notes

Eee… Happy New Year’s eve and I’m drafting this post, not partying me? Yo, no no… but gifts are packed and bowed! 😀

My new year’s eve excitement ended with the full stop in previous sentence. Nothing exciting happening here, I hope people all around the world (and anyone reading this post,  which I doubt) may have a great time. Anyways lets get to business:


This month I tried all new products; has the hunt for perfect moisturizer ended with Lacto Calamine? How did cocoa butter work on my extreme dry skin? Let me note down one at a time:

Lacto Calamine with Koalin and Aloe Vera – See the dry skin tag, this is what caught my attention. Most of the advertisements of Lacto Calamine are for oil/dust free skin so I never gave it any look. But, woh and oh this cutie little lotion comes for dry skin too, let me try. It is good for as a moisturizer, doesn’t give a greasy look and decent moisturization, which would be ok in summer but in winter I need more. I finished this bottle and would not buy it for winter, maybe in summer if I do not find anything better.

Himalaya Herbals Body lotion, cocoa butter and wheatgerm – This is the body lotion my skin has been craving for, total love! It moisturizes perfectly(I’m not scratching as much as before). It is made for extra dry skin, as the label says, smells so chocolaty and smells lingers all round the day. I’m gonna get this again, it is already over.

Burt’s Bees lip-balms – I have already made extensive notes on these here. Currently trying to finish Pink Grapefruit, Pomegranate Oil is backup in purse, hence using these only. From tomorrow onwards I’m gonna attack Nivea Raspberry Rose, which is still packed, can’t wait to indulge into some raspberry! Here are some more raspberries.

I wish I get the perfect(decent at least) face moisturizer in 2014. Make a wish in below comment box, Beauty Goddess refers my post comments for granting them, no kidding yeah 😉



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