Chokha – Baked Brinjal

In my kitchen notes today I’ve a healthy no fry no oil dish. Recipe coming directly from Mother in law (with tiny tweeny edits by me). This is not a quick food, but worth the time it takes to cook, note that only time not efforts, which are very little. Fairy simple colorful ingredients and no masala.

Should be enough for two people (one man one woman)


  1. Brinjal – 1 big round
  2. Tomatoes – 2 medium
  3. Potato – 1 big
  4. Ginger and garlic – 1 tbsp grated
  5. Onion – 1 medium chopped
  6. Green Chillies – 2 medium
  7. Oil – 1 tsp
  8. Salt – 1 tsp
  9. Coriander leaves


Preheat the oven at 180 degree C in toast mode(when both upper and lower heat is on). Wash all vegetables and let them dry completely . Slit the brinjal (I couldn’t find a round brinjal which is recommended for this dish) in it’s stomach, and stuff grated ginger-garlic in it. Coat brinjal, tomato potato with little oil(this is optional), place them on baking tray and position the baking tray on lower level on oven. Set the timer to 30 mins, and turn the vegetables every 10 mins, especially brinjal to make sure it is cooked from all directions. After 30 mins the tomatoes and potato will be cooked fully, but check brinjal by pressing it to make sure it is cooked, the cooked brinjal will become soft. This is how the vegetables look before and after:


Let the vegetables cool, meanwhile chop green chillies and onion. Peel the skin off binjal, tomato, potato, it should come out easily with hand. Now mash the vegetables, add salt onions and green chillies, finish it off with coriander. It is best served with bati, second best with roti.


Tada! See how simple? Please leave your feedback in comments, I would be happy to know the results and how it tasted when you tried it at your home.



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