Tinted Moisturizer – DIY

My beauty notes are going to be super quick, which contain super quick recipe for my own personalized tinted moisturizer!

Why would I need to make my own tinted moisturizer, here are few(there are many but mainly two) reasons:

  1. Blessed with super dry skin; hence no BB cream, tinted moisturizers ever worked for me alone, I always had to layer with a heavy moisturizer first
  2. My heavy coverage foundation is nearing it’s best before date

See how difficult life is? Hence I came up with a quick, easy, everyday tinted moisturizer. What you will need? 1. your favorite moisturizer and 2. your favorite heavy coverage foundation(liquid). My current moisturizer is Pond’s Silk Cream into which I will mix L’Oreal Paris Infallible Liquid Foundation. You can work out the proportion of two ingredients according to the need; I mix one drop of foundation to the amount of moisturizer which will be enough to cover my face and neck.

DIY Tinted Moisturizer

Mix two moisturizer and foundation on back of your palm with finger and apply. No layering, no blending, no worries of going overboard on normal work days. It is better to mix on the go, whenever you require to put it on, not needed to be mixed and stored in much quantity. The coverage can be changed from light to medium by increasing the amount of foundation and you will have your own personalized tinted moisturizer!

Would you dare to try this DIY? I would love to hear your experiments to discover your perfect tinted moisturizer.



6 thoughts on “Tinted Moisturizer – DIY

  1. I do this all the time! I picked up some small containers from the drugstore so I can make a larger batch. If you haven’t tried it, mix some up the night before and put it in a container then store it in the fridge. It feel so good putting cold tinted moisturizer on in the summer! 🙂



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