Baking experiments – Chocolate Banana cake – Best baking website?

Last two weeks have been very busy and fun; friend’s weeding, home-trip, valentine’s day(missed celebrating together) and wedding anniversary. Well for V day there was nothing special or nothing at all. I was at home and A was in Bangalore, despite this being our first (well first after wedding 😉 ) V day. There is no cake recipe or baking notes for V day/wedding anniversary, cause I did not do any cooking/baking on the day, but there is something which I baked for birthday 😛

I never baked anything in my life till I was 20, neither did I see Mom bake anything apart from baatis. With the start of year 2014 I have taken baking as new hobby. I’ve been searching cake baking recipes tips and tricks on internet for a while, these are the two sites which I liked most and turn to them when thinking of baking anything. If I had been at Bangalore home for V day I would have baked this pretty looking roll cake with little pink hearts, head to delightdulce for recipe.

The cake I baked for his birthday following the recipe from Joy Of baking. For new learner like me, Joy of baking site is highly recommended.

Chocolate Banana Cake with strawberries

These are the sites which I found helpful so far, I will share more links to pretty and easy baking when I try their recipes. Do you have a favorite baking site, please share?