Paper Boat Drinks – Memories with great taste

What comes first to your mind when you hear(or read) the phrase ‘paper boat’; childhood, sailing paper boats in rain water puddles or Jagjit Singh’s ghazal woh kagaz ki kashti…? This is such a strong phrase which will sure bring some soothing memories to your mind. When I first had a paper boat (drink) I did not read the tag line but gulped down the aamras without bothering. My first impression’s were; mmm… real thick mango drink and eco-friendly packaging. You can ask no memories eh? 😀 Yes, no memories, maybe cause we have so many mango drinks in market that we just drink to quench our thirst without bothering about the taste. But let me tell you, rest of the paper boat drinks will bring back sweet childhood memories to you.

Paper boat drinks and memories

Six paper boats sailed to shore near my home one day; kokum, jamun, aamra, imli ka amlana, jaljeera, golgappe ka pani! Look at the beautiful colors they come in with all natural and natural flavoring ingredients.  Now don’t they bring back memories?

Paper boat drinks color
Top row, left to right: kokum, jamun, aamras
Bottom row, left to right: golgappe ka pani, jaljeera, imli ka amlana

I cannot describe how each drink has tasted cause everyone’s taste buds are different, but let me try. Kokum: cannot say much, never had real kokum drink, only artificial so this one was good. Aamras: real mango and no artificial smell detected. Jamun: my favorite, sweet, sour, purple and it did not make my tongue blue 😉 . Imli ka aamlana: sweet and tangy, more on sweeter side for me. Jaljeera: again more sweet than tangy. Golgappe ka pani: sour, more tangy, less sweet yes my kind!

Paper boat drinks

If your sweet memories are not back from past yet, don’t fret, there is a little poem for you on backside of each paper boat, go explore!

Paper boat drink jamun

Wren and Martin 😀

No worries if you cannot catch a paper boat, go to their FB page for cartoon posts, I’m sure everyone will find a post which they can relate to. For me it is the deadly trap Post by Paper Boat and I was never quick enough.

Would you like to share your favorite childhood memory? Drop in a comment!


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