King of fruits Mango salad Ft. corn – a cool salad for Indian summers

Hello from more cooler Bangalore, it has started to rain more frequently since last two weeks and yesterday there was some hailing in selected part of city. </weather report ends here>

I cannot wait for rainy season(my favorite time of year) to arrive in full fledged, but the irony is with arrival of rains my favorite fruit mango will start to disappear, slowly. Now you ask why I’m posting the mango recipes when they will be off stalls soon, I say I was too busy to eat as much mangoes so that I can survive till next season. Let’s get to making a simple delicious and quick salad with mangoes featuring sweet corn:


  1. Two big mangoes
  2. Half a cup sweet corns
  3. Mint leaves
  4. Chat masala – 1 tsp



Boil corns for 5-6 minutes or till they become soft, once done let them cool.
In the meantime peel, slice and dice mangoes.
Wash and chop mint leaves, I used very special type of mint leaves in this mix which I harvested from here.
In a large bowl toss corn with chat masala, then add mangoes and mix gently, finish off with adding mint and giving a gentle toss again. We don’t want to add too much of chat masala or it will suppress the smell of mangoes. Why add chat masala at all? You know for the love of Indian spices 😉

This is how the finished salad should look like:

mango mint corn Salad

Enjoy while it lasts,
Mango lover


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