Some red to welcome season of rains – Revlon ColorBurst lipstick in True Red

Hello from pleasant Bangalore, it poured last night and the bonus was 3 hours power cut, complete blackout in my house. If power-cuts are the cost of rains so be it, I love the rain!

Rain lover, mango loves is a Red lipstick lover too…



The notes today are on topic of my current favorite Red lipstick, Revlon ColorBurst lipstick shade number 09 – True Red. There will not be much notes, I will let pictures speak more.

Revlon-true-red-lipstick-02I’m lazy red- lipstick from Revlon who has engraved its name on my neck *oouch*

The universal truth is that it is very difficult to find perfect red lipstick for oneself, true to its claim I’m still in search of my perfect one. Meanwhile I’m surviving with Revlon True Red, and with the arrival of rains I’m reaching for it more than others (oh yes there are others too none of them is perfect but). The lipstick is shiny but not glossy, packed with color and just red, not orange red not pinky red, which makes this perfect for Indian skin tone. Smooth in application cause of its creamy texture. The saying power is long (3-4 hours) but it transfers real quick, so watch out before staining coffee mugs and cheeks.


Revlon Colorburst True Red is available at price of 630 in India and yes it is not discontinued.

Have you found your perfect-red yet? Tell me about it I am all ears.

Also, checkout my trespassing in Rogue camp, assured fun!



4 thoughts on “Some red to welcome season of rains – Revlon ColorBurst lipstick in True Red

  1. You know, I have yet to try a Revlon Colorburst *lipstick*. I have the lip butters, but not this line! This lipstick colour looks very nice on you – and I like how it’s a little bit sheer and good for layering. I think that makes a red lipstick more versatile (especially for vampires like me, LOL!)


    • Choosing a red (or any color) lipstick is always tough for me, you’re lucky to have vampire skin any color will pop. I do not have lip-butters (they are expensive in India 😐 ), have one coral gloss from color-burst range, which turns more pink when applied 😦


      • How expensive are the lip butters in India? They’re actually pretty bad here, technically – i paid $27 each for mine (although Peach Parfait is an HG for me, so I guess that one was worth it, LOL!)


      • That will be around 11 $(US), same as the price of this red lipstick. But you see this is lipstick so spending money is ok, but for lip balms I find it expensive 😀 Also, 27 $ is too much, now for me it is cheap(comparatively) so I may buy one or two 😀


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