How TRESemme Split Remedy wont hurt split ends even in three months

TRESemme Split Remedy-0

My hair are ridiculously long, and some people find it fascinating. This without considering the troubles of managing them and to carry a boring to death hair style all the time. ‘I’m lucky for such long hair’ is beyond my understanding. Why go to all this trouble and not chop them short then? There are other factors in life which force me to carry this burden on my head(now I wonder my hair alone may weight 1/2 to 1 kg) like my mother and husband and the new and more prominent is mother-in-law. But anyways since I have to live with it, I try to take care and let them be good looking.

One of the many troubles is split ends, ugly. God only knows what all I’ve gone thru to get rid of them(including trimming every 4-5 months), but nothing has worked and after this latest shampoo experiment I’m convinced that I would have to live and die with them.

TRESemme Split Remedy-1

When I watched the TV advertisement of TRESemme in which Dian’s hair become utterly beautiful under the work of magic potion split remedy shampoo, I did not waste any time in reasoning and picked shampoo-conditioner from the grocery store. One month went away in which I religiously washed my hair from roots to tips and conditioning but nothing happened. I went ahead and bought another pair of shampoo-conditioner and continued my blind faith but the stubborn split ends did not give up. Then I received another pair as a sample from brand and I continued on my path with hopes that the split ends will join themselves in the end. I was desperate and wanted this potion to work in any way, then one day reality stuck and I came out of the illusion , this is not the something which will take hair out of split-ends cage.

For me TRESemme Split Remedy did nothing to split-ends and they continued to prosper with their pace. If you just want to use some shampoo for daily cleaning I would say there are much better things in the world.

PS – I’m going herbal for hair cleansing and we will see how it works.



3 thoughts on “How TRESemme Split Remedy wont hurt split ends even in three months

    • Well this herbal thing I’m getting is because of you. Once you mentioned about Khadi soaps, last week I checked online to find vanilla cocoa but couldn’t find this fragrance soap on their site and ended up buying shampoos instead. The products are yet to arrive, I will share once I receive them šŸ™‚


      • Oh great! Waiting for your haul. šŸ™‚ Actually Khadi promotes itself as a herbal brand, but they do use a lot of chemicals like the other regular brands nonetheless. :/ However, their bath soaps are amazing despite the chemicals. As for hair, I am yet to find anything that works completely, but I would suggest checking out this blog ‘Honest Reviews and Lifestyle Tips’ by Gaganpreet. Check her posts out on haircare especially. She is one honest blogger. šŸ™‚


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