Khadi natural: Chocolate soap and Kiwi Soap with Loofah

Hello, let me quickly walk you through the land of natural skin care soaps from Khadi natural.

I bought three soaps from Khadi along with Shampoos from their website. I wanted two but since chocolate soap only comes in pack of two I ended up with three soaps; two chocolate soaps and one kiwi loofah soap. Since two months I’ve been using Khadi natural soaps, first month was chocolate soap and in the next month I started with Kiwi loofah soap.


First impressions; flimsy packaging, expensive, weak fragrance. When I opened the package the shikakai shampoo fragrance from was so overpowering, to my disappointment the soaps have very weak fragrance.


Chocolate soap smells less like chocolate more like coconut, even when the ingredients don’t have any mention of coconut. Fragrance will be gone as soon as one steps out of shower. It foams decently and leaves skin dry.


The loofah soap will sure catch attentions, it is two-in-one product for innovations sake. It works for quick exfoliation but you can’t use it daily, remember over exfoliation is never good, twice a week is more than enough. Over exfoliation ages your skin so careful how often you exfoliate.

Kiwi soap claims to be SLS and paraben free (God only know what else goes into the soap, as we can see only key ingredients). Fragrance is very light and doesn’t last. You will end up using a lot of soap while exfoliating as loofah will come out of soap only after a few usage. The loofah is natural, I think it is plant dried gourd ?



There are very few things to like about Khadi natural, and more to dislike:

  •  Khadi has natural tag but a lot of chemicals go into their products, not 100% natural
  •  Ingredients list is not complete on any product, only key ingredients are mentioned
  • Very weak and ambiguous fragrance
  • Soaps have to be stored with care, they will become leaky if left in wet place after use
  • Minimum order value is 500 Rs for free shipping from Khadi naturals site. But Khadi products are available on almost all other online shopping sites

Chocolate soap Rs 130 for set of two.
Kiwi loofah soap Rs 115 for single unit.

Have you used Khadi soaps, which natural/herbal soaps do you recommend?

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