Street Wear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipsticks- Berrylicious and Riveting Rouge

Hello from a very festive October, this month is great a lot of holidays and I just had a long vacation at beaches and mountains and it was amazing. *Gasp* this was the longest welcome sentence ever.

Street Wear is one of many brands under Relvon umbrella available in India. Street wear products are relatively very in-expensive as compared to Revlon (budget of budget guys!), their new launch Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipsticks are not just budget friendly they are high on quality too!


These sub-brands are not easily available on all Relvon counters and also online. I’ve been wanting to try Color Rich Ultra Moist lipsticks for long time, limited availability on online sites delayed my wish. After a long wait I found the shades I wanted on Jabong, yay! I’ve two beautiful shades; Berrylicious and Riveting Rouge(yes, one shade had to be of red).


Riveting rouge is one of the reds which everyone should own. It flatters my tanned skin tone so I think it doesn’t have cool undertone, color sets in semi-matt finish. It stayed on me for good 3 hours in very humid climate (read vacation at beach!), gradually fading and left a beautiful tint. If you ever wanted to try bright colors but are afraid this is the lipstick you should start with, just 180 rupees pop you get quality packed product.


Berrylicious is another gorgeous shade, one of a kind. It appears purple in tube but turns pinkish-purple on lips. It has very fine and few glitters, which gives the lipstick pearly finish on lips. I’m not a fan of frosty lipstick and thank god the glitter in Berrylicious is very subtle. The staying power is similar as of Riveting rouge, and a beautiful tint is left by this color as well.


All that good and just one thing which makes you wonder what Streetwear people were thinking when designing the packaging? No, looks are pretty and no issues there. But, the color bullet doesn’t retrace fully, so when you pop the lipstick open the bullet gets in contact with rim of cap and wastes itself. Now product wastage is not the only issue, after color sets on cap rim and you close the lipstick after use it transfers back to tube, and when you open it again it will smear on your fingers then on your face and all over the place, horror!

In brief, as the name says ultra moist, they live up to the claim, both the lipsticks were moisturizing. Texture is light and doesn’t feel heavy on lips, when applied directly from tube it glides on smoothly. In single swipe lipstick gives medium-opaque coverage, maximum coverage can be achieved in two to three swipes. Color doesn’t set into fine lines, both Berrylicious and Riveting Rouge left pretty tint at the end of day.

Street Wear Color Rich Ultra Moist lipsticks are priced 180 each with wide varity of shade selection, available at Revlon counters and on selected shades can be found on Jabong

Have you tried any of Street Wear lipsticks, which is your favorite shade? It there is shade from the range which is must buy.

Happy Sunday!

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