Aurora red healthy Beetroot Flatbread(paratha)

Hello from a healthy breakfast table on beautiful Saturday!

Well beetroot are too good for heath but they don’t taste that better so what do we do? I would always blend it into a pretty pink smoothie and gulp down quickly. When Dimple from Shivaay Delights initially posted Beetroot paratha’s I thought, oh what a great idea! I totally forgot about it until she reblogged it last week and I set to get my hands red this time without any delays.


For full recipe go here.

I changed two ingredients according to my preference; replaced ground cumin with ajwain and cayenne pepper with fresh green chillies (finely chopped), cause I love green chillies and most of the time end up using them in place of red chili powder and green chillies are healthier too.

Now tell me, how good they look?

beetroot-flatbread-01The color is so like Pantone Aurora red!

Red tips:-

I don’t have a food processor and I kneaded the dough with hand, while doing so it is a good idea to mix chillies in last to avoid hands from burning.

It is a good to let covered dough rest for 10-15 minutes before starting to roll it, the gluten will develop, rolling will be smooth and flat-breads will not crack while rolling.

Prathas’s are best enjoyed with curd or mango pickle.


My flat-breads turned out so delicious, they dint taste like beetroot at all and husband totally loved them. (Thanks to Dimple for such easy healthy idea 🙂 )

Would you try beetroot paratha(flat-bread)? Any other easier ways to use beetroot in cooking? Share your tips and experience.

Happy Weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Aurora red healthy Beetroot Flatbread(paratha)

  1. OMG! Red Chapatis! How amazing! How unique! How gorgeous! Never seen or heard about such ravishing Parathas!
    Many thanks for visiting my blog, sweetheart. I promise, I’ll be following your unique recipes 🙂


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