A red lipgloss for everyone – Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss in Red Blossom

Hello from comfort of the home! This blog is like home to me, I stay away from it due to various reasons, stay away for long time but I always find a way back. Even when I am away it is constantly in my mind (like the home-sick feeling). And when I try to make my way back, it welcomes me with all the warmth. So here I am, what they say; better late than never. And I have a very good news for Indian ladies; Essence products are now available on amazon India!

essence-XXXL-Shine-lipglossIt’s so difficult to photograph the shiny print, more so when it has worn out a bit 😀

Last year during my trip to Germany I was searching for affordable gifts to bring home, makeup was the easy choice for girl cousins. I passed by essence rack and almost everything was 1.99 Euros, immediately I hauled a dozen XXXL shine lip glosses. The perfect gift for 1.99 Euros, it was a steal! I took two of each color, there were around 4-5 shades available, and three glosses of the red color. Red looked so pretty in tube, I couldn’t stop adding one for myself. Later that night I applied it and fell in love with the color, the red was beautiful on my tanned skin. I whatsapped (is it a word yet? ) a picture to my friend, and she also wanted one for herself. Next weekend I went to Douglas again and bought another two tubes.

essence-XXXL-Shine-021-red-blossomEssence XXXL Shine Lipgloss Red Blossom in crossed leg sitting position

Now for the particularities for Red Blossom is non-sticky, light and moisturising.  It applies semi-sheer, gives a shiny red color with visible (but not too big) gold glitters. This wears for 2~ hours on me and if eating or drinking it will go off quickly. The smell, oh smell! It smells like cough syrup, like glycodin most probably, but I cannot be sure cause I haven’t had cough syrup since many good years.  And how it the applicator, easy to apply and pretty see:

essence-XXXL-Shine-red-lipglossA closer look at the applicator

For the lip swatch – again very difficult to photograph(read I need a new camera!)


And some other colors for you, as bonus 😉

???????????????????????????????From left to right: Big Night Out, Fabulous Fuchsia, Nude Kiss and Red Blossom

Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss are available at amozon.in at Rs. 229.00

If you find a color for you, these are pretty glosses for budget buys.

Which one you like most apart from Red Blossom?

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