Great everyday foundation: ZA True White Liquid Foundation

Hello(I can’t decide on greetings to start with, it is like current weather in Bangalore; winter in morning and summer in noon and evening, so HELLO!)

When it comes to foundation, everyone’s skin has specific needs. I must tell(again) my skin is extremely dry, color is pretty much like most Indian’s; medium-tan, and there are a lot of unwanted moles. For my base makeup on weekdays, I need something which is easy to apply and has natural finish(BB cream+compact powder are easy pick for lazy/running late days). Applying foundation everyday must be hassle free, quick and should give natural finish, thats where ‘ZA True White Liquid Foundation’ comes to rescue.


Za comes from family of many brands under Shiseido. Za was launched in India last year. They started with skin-care range, recently Za launched two products for makeup; Za True White Two-Way Foundation(compact powder) and ZA True White Liquid Foundation.


ZA True White Liquid Foundation comes in six shades, and I match with OC30, darkest shade with yellow tone(which means darker beauties in India will not find shade match, Za should really consider and add darker shades as it is such a beautiful foundation).


The foundation texture is quite thin, has very fine luminous particles, and light sweet smell(I am very bad at identifying fragrances 😦 ).  Za liquid foundation gives light coverage, which can be build up to medium. There is no specific wear time provided, on me it stayed for good five to six hours, I figure it is not waterproof as well(wore it to swimming pool to check 😉 ). It also contains SPF 25, still Za recommends to pair it with SPF 15 or higher for UV protection.

What makes ZA True White Liquid Foundation best for my everyday use? Let’s count:

  1. Ease of application, due to light texture it spreads and blends smoothly
  2. Natural finish, it is not too heavy or not too light, but just the perfect natural finish
  3. Moisturizing(or dewy finish), heaven for my dry skin

Za products are available in makeup sections of most of the shopping malls, and are also available online.  ZA True White Liquid Foundation 30 ml costs Rs. 950.

What are the qualities that you look for in everyday foundation?

I have been using ZA True White Cleansing Foam for two months, so far it is being good, I shall write about it in coming posts.


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