The Purge Project – Makeup drawer cleaning

Hello Everybody!

Long time, sigh!(I want to apologies to dear blog, however there were no valid reasons to stay away from posting. I will have to make up something, so I will just say, I have been extremely lazy. Oh yes, there is one thing, work is not good, which makes me sad and all I want to do is sleep away this time…)

Before I go into full fledged sad story of my work life issues, here is something which might interest you(Though I wonder how showing the products before throwing them away make any sense, but here we are!). So read on if you want to know what all I found while cleaning my makeup shelf one day. These are not monthly empties or such but the products which are lying in for years(nothing older than two years though) and should have been shown bin long time ago.


I put them in ugly plastic bag to make sure this time they really go out.

1. Mascaras – Not exactly so old, but I realized that I do not throw old mascaras even after buying new, as per beauty rules they must be purged after three months. I admit that I use them for more than beauty rules guide, 6-7 months sometimes a year, but never more than that.


Maybelline Colossal mascaras are my all time favorite, most of the time I have two of them, one waterproof and one washable. I prefer washable mascara cause removing them is little easier, but as per need I store one waterproof also.

Revlon Water Tight mascara is one of the worst mascaras I’ve ever come across; smells horrible, doesn’t voluminous, doesn’t lengthens, it just black liquid with awful smell. I used it once and never after that, stay away girls!

Essence I love extreme volume mascara is the best! I actually have a full post review of it in drafts which I wrote sometimes in last year but never posted it, and don’t seem to remember the reason. Would you like to still see the post? Let me know in comments. 😉

2. Lip-balm


P4See it is still all new

The first one is very old cute lip balm which I got from dm shop in Germany cause it looked so cute, and that is the reason I had not thrown it. Which I never used at all, opened it once only to sniff and discover that I cannot use something with this smell. Fragrance is not bad, it is sweet cherry smell but for some reasons I’m not able to digest it.

Nivea Fruity Shine pomegranate is the most favorite tinted lip-balm of all times, but this one is the old packaging which now has been replaced with boring packaging, that’s the reason I kept it long after it was over. Just to hold onto that cute tube.

Maybelline Baby lips in Peach Kiss was hidden somewhere in corner and hence escaped the purgatory. This one smells awful, doesn’t do much for chapped lips, I used it only a few times.

So, I think for lip-balms one major turn off for me is the smell, if it can’t smell decent or be scent less we will never get along. What is the one thing that annoys you even if the product itself is able to perform?

3. Lip-gloss


The Ruby one was a gift from a friend which came in a makeup kit, it just doesn’t work, wear time is very less and it is too sheer. So this one goes to purgatory.

NYX mega shine lip-gloss in French Kiss had been the biggest disappointment, and after this I resolved not to buy makeup online without trying the color in real first. The lip-gloss in itself is gorgeous but the color doesn’t work for me, it washed me out completely, in tube it looks much darker but on lips turns very pale peachy pink. Sad story!

4. The expired products


L’oreal Paris infallible lasting perfecting foundation was my wedding foundation which is very good for heavy coverage, it is waterproof and works best for parties and night look(though it photographs ghostly in flash). This is the one product which crossed it’s best before date before me finishing it.

Lakme enrich satin lipstick in 133 is not expired yet but it has grown into something strange which is ugly, see for yourself…


That’s all the trash I could clean out for now. How often do you clean your makeup stash? Do you also keep products even when you can’t use them just cause of cute packaging?


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I just had a preview of post before publishing and realized it is such a long post.


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