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Welcome to The Redity An Indian woman blog!

You’re on the latest version of ‘About’ me page, the original page has been archived.

The name Redity is some word which I made up with the real word red, my favorite color. My first thought was Redism but sadly it was already taken hence Redity. So don’t try to think too much about what does the blog name mean, it is just nothing.

This blog is all about good things in life like Food; cooking gives me peace. A good meal makes any day happier. I’m trying to learn different cooking styles, you’ll find my food post not restricted to any particular cuisines. There is good food in every part of world.

Secondly I love make-up, make-up makes me happy. I try to note my experiences with different products(make-up, skin-care, hair-care etc.) that I’ve used, which may help someone choose as there are loads of options out there and we are never sure which thing may/may-not work for us.

Recently I’ve discovered a love for gardening, I’m trying to grown simple plants in pots (lack of yard in city homes), constantly experimenting and learning. Not much posts have been written on this topic, however I hope to give more time to my plants so there must be some in future.

A few other things you may find in posts like pictures of pretty places or any random thing which I find good and feel like sharing.

Thanks for stopping by and while you’re here please leave your footprint say anything you like, disliked or just smile.


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