Fun QnA

Hello, there there…

Work is hectic, not voluminous but consuming. Earlier today in my head I met myself, the conversation was much fun I had to share with world. Here are some Q n As I had with myself, enjoy:


All are Red(sunlight makes some colors look strange)


1. You bought a pretty lipstick but when you apply, it doesn’t work for you, what do you do with it?

I try really hard to work with pink lipstick, I would love to have a soft pink color on my lips, but as is the tone of skin pink doesn’t work, sadly. Every now and then I end up buying pinks(swatch on hand looks like it may work on me but it doesn’t). First I try to work with brush, you can really handle colors better with lip-brush, some colors which may wash out face on full opaque coverage can be applied with brush, of-course light hand sheer color, and sometime it works.

But mostly I give away such lipstick to Mom(she has fairer skin) or friends. Like this one time Husband bought a pretty pink lipstick for me, even though it was a gift and I wanted to keep it with me as a token, I gave the lipstick to my friend(properly explaining husband why I will never be able to use it, he understands). I think it is better if someone can use it, I don’t like lipsticks to be wasted.

2. Why so many lipsticks of same(red) color?

First thing to understand here is that it is not a color, it is the color; The Red. Which is so versatile that one cannot settle for one color-variant, and one cannot buy all of them(think finances), so little by little we shall have all The Red.

3. What’s the next thing.

Blushes! I have just two, I have realized(very late in my life) how boring face looks with same color all over, we need to add some color, some depth(may learn contouring next to this next). Also cup-cakes baking.

4. Lipstick expires, what you do with it?

I still use it, after ‘best before date'(but I save the labels which has best before date on it, don’t know why cause I don’t mind the dates). However I do not have anything older than five years with me, cause five years back I never had a single lipstick(I know this precisely, cause I bought my first lipstick when I relocated to Pune). I remember having lip-balms thought, cause dry skin and chapped lips cannot survive, they were more of survival things(lip-balm) than fun(lipstick). I had tinted chapsticks, strawberry and cherry. So that was the only color I had on me.

5. Lipstick or lipgloss

Lipsticks of-course. But a couple of lipglosses are there, which I use when I cannot use lipstick(read when I have chapped lips). I’m not for shine and glitter but more of color, so less love for gloss, my ideal lipstick would be a matt finish with balm quality.

Well, it was fun, we should do this often!

Shall we?


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The wedding shopping

The long awaited and dreaded for wedding shopping is finally done and in whopping 2 weeks! Yipeee…A burden has just been lifted off my shoulders and I can’t tell you how content I am, having completed this herculean task in the short time span I was provided.

Like any girl’s worst nightmare,I dreaded what if I won’t get the perfect lehenga,the parlor for perfect makeup and what not.But then all is now done,it might not be what I always imagined it to be or perfect in other sense but it’s done nicely and I am hoping everything will turn out to be good in the end.

Will post the details of everything soon,but in a hurry as another trip awaits me.Coorg here I come! Love you! Muaaah…

The Thank you post

Howdy’s and a warm welcome to myself..Hugs and kisses are always appreciated 😛 😉

Thanks to my sweetheart for letting me post my pre-wedding drama story on her blog which she created for the same purpose before her wedding.

Let me introduce myself 😉 We are kinda besties since last few years…(I hope I can brag about it ) And now having shared our deepest feelings,we are now sharing the pre wedding blog 🙂 It’s such a nice feeling,I must say.For more of my stupid ramblings I can be found here also.

The wedding countdown has now begun and I am getting all jitters and shivers thinking about the D day and the worry about the pre preps is taking it’s toll on me 😐

Another coincidence the groom is again some Mr A 😉 and bride Miss S :)Just couldn’t help pondering and smiling over it.

So for the next couple of months I am going to spam her blog occasionally.

Love you dear!

Delayed Posts

I’m married! Here I said it!
I wanted to update all the details as they happened but couldn’t; busy bride issues 😉 I would like to remember and update everything chronologically, and would do so under ‘Delayed Post’ tag.
A few updates:
>Joined office from today 😦
>Photographs are yet to arrive :-/
>Don’t feel like I’m married already 😉


Five days to go!!!

Phew! Can’t believe I’ll be married in five days, or in a minute it’ll be only four days. I reached home on Sunday, since then I’ve been making trips to market every single day. Today was the pre bridal day at parlour, they say relaxing therapy, I was so worried and thought many times why we’re not doing for a simple nikah in mosque. Anyways one more thing strikes out.
Guests have started arriving, tomorrow few more lot will arrive :-D. The sadest part is two of my best friends on whom I was counting for my wedding day have just cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances 😦
Oh! This is our first V-day!!! Let me wakeup and wish A. Haven’t planned anything for tomorrow as we are miles away 😦 I hope next V day we’ll be together and then forever for every V day.

10 days to go!!!

God!!! I can’t believe I’m getting married in ten days. Am I excited? No, am worried and going thru some new emotions. Sometimes I’m very sad; so many factors water my sadness. First is I’m still on work and it breaks my heart with Mommy doing all the preparations all alone. Also, I’ve started feeling lonely in the city, since I relocated I’ve been missing my friends a lot. Though A is here with, but we meet only on weekends, due to both of us having office. The only thing that is driving me thru this emotional state is the thought that I’ll be at my home this Sunday. 🙂
As far updates, almost all of the things are done, thanks to Mom 🙂
A few remaining things to shop, that I’ll get from Indore, girls  can never have their shopping done in once 😀
Praying that everything will go very fine, like things have been. Thanks to Allah Almighty!


The Done and To-do (20 days to go!)

How would I ever be able to thank my Mother and for that matter dear God for blessing me with bestest lady. I’m away from home trying to settle in new city, doing tit bit shopping, cribbing about lack of rest and what not. Dear Mom is visiting market every day, making list of invitees, posting out invitation cards, taking my request to buy this that, fixing everything. I hate to be away from home and not been able help Mom, my wedding vacation doesn’t start till 10th Feb. With so many things yet to be done, Mom has taken care of almost everything.

The done

  • Wedding invitation, card printed, dispatch started
  • Lehenga (Finished lehengas were received last week, haven’t seen them yet)
  • Make-up artist- Confirmed; Mom made appointment, cousin got the makeup done at the same salon and it was fab, so going with the same. This is not the one I visited for my engagement. I must tell that my engagement makeup was a disaster, will update the details in dedicated post
  • Photographer (Done, brother needs to confirm)
  • Mehndi artist (Confirmed, Mom made appointment). Below is the pic of my engagement mehndi, I din’t like it much, it was done by Bhabhi


To Do:-

  • Make list of invitees, my friends. Including people in office and collecting theri email ids (it’s high time)
  • Buy curtains for new home. Also some basic furniture, and household, first I must make a list *Sigh*
  • Matching jewellery for wedding and reception lehenga
  • A few more basic makeup. Have enough lipsticks, should get a foundation and compact. Also one spare kajal too, will pick up Lakme Eyconic one. Phew! Makeup list can be made on the go too 😀
  • Golden hand clutch. Will buy only one for both the lehengas
  • Footwear for wedding day – MIL bought one for me and she wants me to wear them, but I’m not sure that I would like it. So, I’m going to buy an extra pair myself. I’ve in mind how I want it to be, should be closed golden peep toes, with medium heels. Less heels for conform and I’m not confident that I would be able to carry heavy lehenga with high heels, also I do not want to look taller than A 😛

Exactly like the one in below picture but with peep toes

With so many more things to do and time running out of hand like sands, I must make proper plans to complete all the things before hand.