How to grow Mint from cuttings – Root mint in water

Hello from a very hot Bangalore! Today’s notes are on a very new category; plants! Let’s begin the journey of a mint I successfully propagated and how you can do it without any hassle. The tips here are from my Mother in Law, she said – ‘if you are planning to start a herb garden for your kitchen growing mint is the easiest.’

I bought bunch of mint cuttings from vegetable stall and put a few in water, well exactly five sticks.  Rest of mint leaves were grinded along with green mango to make green chutney.

The journey of mint propagation in chronological order –

Day 1

Propagate mint

I put mint sticks in water a night before and in the morning they became very sad, see their fallen faces?

 Day 2

Propagate mint

Just the next day the stick were are stiff again and I could see tiny roots, how cute they are! I had placed the water bottle with mint on my windowsill which is bright all day long and gets direct sunlight for a hour.

 Day 9

How to propagate mint

I let the mint be in water for another week for more roots to come. On day nine the roots became dense and baby leaves started to appear, time to transfer mint to the soil!

Day 20

How to propogate mint

Today! Mint is growing happily in soil, I water it daily and make sure to keep the soil moist all the time.

Oh well and I couldn’t stop adoring the baby leaves, they are so cute!

How to propogate mint

A few leaves become brown cause initially when I put the bedroom windowsill a few bugs were always seen around it. I do not know what kind of bugs they were, to prevent further harm I placed the water mint bottle in another window, bugs did not bother mint there.

I’m so happy with the result and the ease of this project. In just 20 days the mint has become a healthy baby, growing steadily, I can’t wait for it to become dense and make chutney!

How was the project, did I do it right? What should have been done better?


(I am very excited to finally post this, you can guess by number of ! I used in this post.)