In clouds – Nandi Hills, Karnataka

This was a quick half day trip to Nandi Hills, which is around 60 KMs from Bangalore. They say it is best to reach on the hill before sunrise, we started from our house on our bike around 3:30 am and reached hill top at 6:15  am. By the time we reached hill top Sun had risen already, nevertheless the golden clouds on the way to top were beautiful. The road is in very good condition, two wheelers and four wheelers can reach top without any hassle.

Sunrise on the way to hill top.


After you reach hill-top (by paying 20 rupees entry fee per person and 20 rupee for parking a two wheeler), the only thing of interest is the view point. A platform of iron plates is made from where people can view the sunrise and get profile pictures clicked for Facebook. I heard one guy, ‘arey mere to ek bhi profile picture nahi liya abhi tak’ 😀


Now you’re in clouds, I wanted to jump in there and float in clouds 😀


Clouds were so dense I could not see the land below, it was pleasant


Beware! It is all Monkey Business there. You see that monkey is eating my big pack of potato chips? Yes, monkeys will come fom no-where and snatch anything eatable. So it is better to go stuffed and not carry anything to eat while enjoying beautiful sunrise.




Stare across river

In my earlier post Love locks I’ve talked about how I came across beauty of Isar river. This may not be one from the beautiful rivers around world, but it was special to me for many reasons. First, I’ve never lived so near to river anytime in my life and it never happened that I would walk across it daily. Anyways, I wanted to post a few more pics and they did not fit in the earlier post. Enjoy the pics!




Isar at morning 6:45 am


Love Locks

Whole of last week I would walk across Isar river to reach work. Once I stopped on the river bridge to watch the beautiful river, which is when for the first time I saw many little locks on bridge’s railing, ah cute; but why there are so many locks, there must be a reason. Same evening I started to Google why there are locks on river bridge. My key words were ‘wishing locks’ – nothing, ‘wishing locks on bridge’ – nothing, ‘locks locks locks…’ – nothing, ‘locks on river’ – yay! Then started a long reading of rituals of love locks.

This is interesting and you can do it yourself! First you need a lover and you should be his/her lover too. Next any of you can go to the nearest local market and buy a fancy lock, get your initials engraved on the lock. Tip: You can use a permanent marker and write it yourself. The next step is important, pay attention; both of the sweethearts go to the river’s bridge(don’t forget to carry to lock and key).  Hand in hand lock the lock on bridge’s railing, close your eyes and throw the key in river. You’re done! Like the lock which will be locked on the bridge  forever your love is also locked for each other forever, ah sweet. Well technically the lock can be removed, there are forgers. But let’s assume that lock is going to stay there forever, like your love.


PS: It is a crime to love lock on bridges

Bahuti Falls – MP

On our Eid vacation we sneaked out of home once and visited this beautiful waterfall near my in-laws place, I love visiting water-falls, lakes, rivers, beaches, mountains… The best time to visit the natural spots is rainy season, unfortunately that is also the most dangerous time. But the beauty of nature in masoon is worth the risk.

Bahuti falls is located in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh state of India. This beautiful falls is not popular, at the curve of road which gives you the first view of falls one can see a MP tourism board. There is one small guest-house too, which we dared not enter.  Not many people visit it and there is no easy road to reach it.

2013-08-08 09.08.122013-08-08 09.08.022013-08-08 09.45.31    DSC_0795 DSC_0794 DSC_0793

Husband wouldn’t let me go near to take full falls pictures 😦  Also the fog was very heavy, the water drops and only when wind blew I could see the falls. Visiting it on a sunny day in mansoon would be best to have clear view, hopefully next time!


Quick update

If I had a chance to blog post anytime in last week it would have contained travel itineraries only. The week passed by was too tiring, so much that I lost my skin glow and a few pounds too. Let me list down the things chronologically. First it was a great two days trip to Bangalore. Though it was work related, me and A got a chance to spend wonderful time together. He came to pick me, poor fellow had to wait 2 hours as my flight got delayed due to fog  😦
Next day I completed all my work and spent rest of the time with A. But couldn’t help inviting friends to join us for dinner, which made A a little upset. Later the same night A dropped me to Airport for my early morning flight back to Indore. We had memorable time at airport 🙂 With all sweet memories, I got complimentary back ache that wouldn’t leave me till day.
Anyways back to Indore and little time in hand as my vacations were nearing end, Mom and me started to Bhopal for our lehenga shopping. Thank God that winter had been less cold that time and we completed our lehenga shopping. Well as for lehengas, they are very pretty and not yet delivered. My bad luck is that I wouldn’t be able to see and try them when they will be completed, as I’m going back to Pune tomorrow or shall I say today.
So here is the big good news, I’m officially relocating to Bangalore, yep to A’s city. This week will be Indore->Pune->Bangalore 🙂
With so many things to do, I shall now pass on to my beauty sleep.

Quick Update – Lehenga hunt is on!

Let me note down the details before I start forgetting them. First a good news is here, MIL has given the permission to choose the lehenga all by myself, yay! Me and Mom are weaving the dream dress for me, Mom and I are planning two days trip to Delhi sometime in next week for my wedding and wedding reception lehengas. Brother insists that we shop them from Bhopal, cause it is near to Indore and we can go there anytime we want, but I’m not sure if we would find a nice one in Bhopal, I’m gonna go on Delhi trip. Since Delhi is having lots of protest plus that killing ‘Delhi ki sardi’ (Delhi Winter) we may face some troubles, but I’m okay with that. Now for one thing we are sure is that, Nikah’s dress should be of red color (MIL has pressed on this) I’m okay with this. Mom always wanted me to have pink lehenga. Hence, I will be getting red one for Nikah and pink one for reception. Dress color decided one less thing to think about 🙂

I’ve taken a break for two weeks and I hope to complete all the shopping and whatever pre-wedding things would be there in this time. I will not be taking more vacation before wedding, it may happen that I come home just a day or two before the haldi ceremony. Hehehe… it’s funny but I think some other guest may arrive before the bride comes home. 😀 Can’t help it, working bride issues.

This weekend there A and his family will be coming my home and we will have sort of private engagement ceremony (Yay!). Less time and other things constrained us to not have a big party, Mom is sad about it cause she wanted to invite all of her relatives and have a bang engagement. I think a small one should be better, cause we have so many things to take care of and so little time, and here I want to tell that wedding date is fixed, its the second weekend of February. See, too little time, hence I’m happy with this small engagement ceremony.

Going to market with Mom to shop post lunch, again!

Pune-Hyderabad-Pune (Pre Date)

Last week passed by me in a blink of eye moment, Hyderabad trip turned out to be great fun. I surprised Sari by going there unannounced, though Suma had already given her a hint, still the moment we saw each other was incredible.

Wedding shopping from Hyderabad; nothing went as planned, and how could it be? I didn’t plan anything, I did not have a to-buy list. I just picked up a set of bangles and a bling bling hair clip. So this is how I started my wedding shopping, with bangles.

I did go out to buy a gift for A to give on our first date (date details should be recorded in next post 🙂 ), with little time in hand I thought of buying a shirt. I did not like any shirt, there on the counter were pretty little box of cuff-links, I selected one but to my luck it was a bit broken and they did not have another similar one. So, I started looking for other options and finally ended up getting set of wallet and waist belt. Now I think it is a better option than a shirt, wallet he can carry always with him.  🙂

All week in Hyderabad I could not find time to go to beauty parlour too 😦 So I did home face clean up on Thursday; scrubbing-facepack-moisturizing. Did home pedicure on Friday while cooking gajar ka halwa.

Friday evening full tired I was back in Pune and I had the big task of making gajar ka halwa for A. Tired of the flight journey and full week of hectic work in office, my back had given up and was crying for lying down. But I’d to cook halwa for him, so 9.00 pm I went for halwa ingredients shopping, then grating the carrots and preparing the halwa, I could reach bed only at 1:30 am 😦 Too tired to have even dinner I retired to bed, but but sleep was no where to be seen. Call it excitement, nervousness of meeting him for the first time or whatever I wasn’t able to sleep at all. At the same time I was too worried that I would have puffy eyes on my first date, and beauty sleep had to be sacrificed for halwa.

In the end all this did not matter, cause halwa turned out to be delicious.  🙂