Fun QnA

Hello, there there…

Work is hectic, not voluminous but consuming. Earlier today in my head I met myself, the conversation was much fun I had to share with world. Here are some Q n As I had with myself, enjoy:


All are Red(sunlight makes some colors look strange)


1. You bought a pretty lipstick but when you apply, it doesn’t work for you, what do you do with it?

I try really hard to work with pink lipstick, I would love to have a soft pink color on my lips, but as is the tone of skin pink doesn’t work, sadly. Every now and then I end up buying pinks(swatch on hand looks like it may work on me but it doesn’t). First I try to work with brush, you can really handle colors better with lip-brush, some colors which may wash out face on full opaque coverage can be applied with brush, of-course light hand sheer color, and sometime it works.

But mostly I give away such lipstick to Mom(she has fairer skin) or friends. Like this one time Husband bought a pretty pink lipstick for me, even though it was a gift and I wanted to keep it with me as a token, I gave the lipstick to my friend(properly explaining husband why I will never be able to use it, he understands). I think it is better if someone can use it, I don’t like lipsticks to be wasted.

2. Why so many lipsticks of same(red) color?

First thing to understand here is that it is not a color, it is the color; The Red. Which is so versatile that one cannot settle for one color-variant, and one cannot buy all of them(think finances), so little by little we shall have all The Red.

3. What’s the next thing.

Blushes! I have just two, I have realized(very late in my life) how boring face looks with same color all over, we need to add some color, some depth(may learn contouring next to this next). Also cup-cakes baking.

4. Lipstick expires, what you do with it?

I still use it, after ‘best before date'(but I save the labels which has best before date on it, don’t know why cause I don’t mind the dates). However I do not have anything older than five years with me, cause five years back I never had a single lipstick(I know this precisely, cause I bought my first lipstick when I relocated to Pune). I remember having lip-balms thought, cause dry skin and chapped lips cannot survive, they were more of survival things(lip-balm) than fun(lipstick). I had tinted chapsticks, strawberry and cherry. So that was the only color I had on me.

5. Lipstick or lipgloss

Lipsticks of-course. But a couple of lipglosses are there, which I use when I cannot use lipstick(read when I have chapped lips). I’m not for shine and glitter but more of color, so less love for gloss, my ideal lipstick would be a matt finish with balm quality.

Well, it was fun, we should do this often!

Shall we?


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Burt’s Bees lip-balms – Pink Grapefruit, Pomegranate Oil, Honey

My notes about the famous Burt’s Bee lip-balms. I got three flavors of Burt’s Bee (Pink Grapefruit, Pomegranate Oil and Honey) somewhere in October, since then I’ve been using only Burt’s Bee lip-balms and trying to decide whether I like them or not. Winter has arrived in India and my super-dry skin needs to drink moisturizers, lips are no exception. I have come to accept that I eat more lip-products than breakfast 😀


Anyways to begin the notes about Burt’s Bees, the flavor that I tired first was Pink Grapefruit (this was good choice, that I would come to know later). It is a clear lip-balm no tint, smells citric(y) and give good protection to chapped lips. Stays on for 1 hour or so, I don’t lick my lips, by God! Nothing very special, does what any other lip-balm does. Oh and yes it is smooth, not so buttery smooth but smoother than Burt’s Bee Pomegranate which is smoother than Burt’s Bee Honey.

Burt’s Bee Pomegranate is berry color in tube but applies clear on lips. The smell is delicate, not as strong as Nivea Pomegranate which is one of my favorites. Applies not so smoothly, I need to press hard. This works same like grapefruit in terms of protection. So nothing very great here as well.

I saved the worst for last,  Burt’s Bee Honey lip-balm. It is hard, I need to tug it on lips three four times to get a decent coverage. Smells sweet, but I do not like the smell, since it smells so bad and is so difficult to apply I couldn’t use it much, cannot say much about protection of lips.


Overall,  the good thing about Burt’s Bees is the Natural tag, these are 100% natural. In terms of lip protection from cold they work ok, as in Bangalore Winter is not chilly. Pink Grapefruit was best amongst three; applies smooth, smells nice and gives protection from chapped lips. I wouldn’t be picking these again, I may try their best peppermint flavor if available in India (someday) and not this expensive (I got three for 11.85 Euros, approx Rs 340 each).


PS: I want I want Nivea Raspberry and Rose next.

Update 15-5-2014:

Here is a update to this post on where one can buy Burt’s bees lip balm in India. Sadly they are not available online with reasonable price, that means you can find them on, etc. but very pricey, like 2k for one lip balm. The good news is Burt’s bees products are available in Sephora Delhi, so all ya beautiful ladies in Delhi have a treat!