What’s better than Gold? Rose-Gold!

Hello everybody,

Do you like gold? No? Good, neither do I. Which is odd as Indians are famous for their gold obsession(anyone would easily justify it as investment or savings for rainy days, for all of them I say, very poor financial planning). Did you know India is the largest importer of Gold in World? (trying to throw a few fun facts here and there, bad idea, you say?).

As much as I hate to admit, even I hoard quite amount of gold jewelry(currently sitting in locker, cause I only wore it once, at my wedding). Gold may not be such a good thing, but gold plated/colored goods are dear to me; cups and saucers with golden lines, golden buttons and more than that anything which comes in rose-gold finish!

A little history before I get into details of rose-gold goodness. Last month I had a short work travel to UK, which gave me a chance to acquire all the products you may see in coming posts, so lets get started with HnM rose-gold makeup tools…


I picked up these two tools from HnM from their ‘Selected’ category, aren’t they gorgeous?(HnM has their own makeup stuff as well, but nothing that could have my interest)


My first eyelash curler! I’ve always been too scared to the idea of using eyelash curler, so never bothered to get one. I’m still trying to get used to it, I use it very slowly with utmost care, still little scared. This one works, and I can really see the difference after curling.


There is one extra rubber to change in the pack, I’m not sure how I will know when to change it? Help me here if you know.


There is the beautiful dual functional blusher and foundation brush, the colors rose-gold metallic and off-white(?) glossy handle look so beautiful together. I needed blusher brush, at first I picked a kabuki brush from same line but then I saw this and thought, why not have a foundation brush too. (I should have got kabuki brush as well, it is so cute 😦 )


The blush brush is soft, and picks powder blush easily to apply. The bristles are made of synthetic hair(what is that anyways), so not natural which is a relief cause I do not like anybody’s else’s hair touching my face, eww. The little color you see on brush is cause I’ve not washed it from my last use 😉


I did not need foundation brush, I prefer applying with fingers. I’ve used this brush to apply foundation and it is really easy to cover places like sides of my nose(sorry this is also not washed after last use, so there is some foundation color on bristles). Neither of brushed has shredded even a single hair, which is a relief!

Eyelash curler costs £3.99 (~370 Rs.) and dual blusher and foundation brush was for £4.99(~460 Rs.).

So do you guys like them? I wish I had picked up more rose-gold tools, maybe next time.


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