Fun QnA

Hello, there there…

Work is hectic, not voluminous but consuming. Earlier today in my head I met myself, the conversation was much fun I had to share with world. Here are some Q n As I had with myself, enjoy:


All are Red(sunlight makes some colors look strange)


1. You bought a pretty lipstick but when you apply, it doesn’t work for you, what do you do with it?

I try really hard to work with pink lipstick, I would love to have a soft pink color on my lips, but as is the tone of skin pink doesn’t work, sadly. Every now and then I end up buying pinks(swatch on hand looks like it may work on me but it doesn’t). First I try to work with brush, you can really handle colors better with lip-brush, some colors which may wash out face on full opaque coverage can be applied with brush, of-course light hand sheer color, and sometime it works.

But mostly I give away such lipstick to Mom(she has fairer skin) or friends. Like this one time Husband bought a pretty pink lipstick for me, even though it was a gift and I wanted to keep it with me as a token, I gave the lipstick to my friend(properly explaining husband why I will never be able to use it, he understands). I think it is better if someone can use it, I don’t like lipsticks to be wasted.

2. Why so many lipsticks of same(red) color?

First thing to understand here is that it is not a color, it is the color; The Red. Which is so versatile that one cannot settle for one color-variant, and one cannot buy all of them(think finances), so little by little we shall have all The Red.

3. What’s the next thing.

Blushes! I have just two, I have realized(very late in my life) how boring face looks with same color all over, we need to add some color, some depth(may learn contouring next to this next). Also cup-cakes baking.

4. Lipstick expires, what you do with it?

I still use it, after ‘best before date'(but I save the labels which has best before date on it, don’t know why cause I don’t mind the dates). However I do not have anything older than five years with me, cause five years back I never had a single lipstick(I know this precisely, cause I bought my first lipstick when I relocated to Pune). I remember having lip-balms thought, cause dry skin and chapped lips cannot survive, they were more of survival things(lip-balm) than fun(lipstick). I had tinted chapsticks, strawberry and cherry. So that was the only color I had on me.

5. Lipstick or lipgloss

Lipsticks of-course. But a couple of lipglosses are there, which I use when I cannot use lipstick(read when I have chapped lips). I’m not for shine and glitter but more of color, so less love for gloss, my ideal lipstick would be a matt finish with balm quality.

Well, it was fun, we should do this often!

Shall we?


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Some red to welcome season of rains – Revlon ColorBurst lipstick in True Red

Hello from pleasant Bangalore, it poured last night and the bonus was 3 hours power cut, complete blackout in my house. If power-cuts are the cost of rains so be it, I love the rain!

Rain lover, mango loves is a Red lipstick lover too…



The notes today are on topic of my current favorite Red lipstick, Revlon ColorBurst lipstick shade number 09 – True Red. There will not be much notes, I will let pictures speak more.

Revlon-true-red-lipstick-02I’m lazy red- lipstick from Revlon who has engraved its name on my neck *oouch*

The universal truth is that it is very difficult to find perfect red lipstick for oneself, true to its claim I’m still in search of my perfect one. Meanwhile I’m surviving with Revlon True Red, and with the arrival of rains I’m reaching for it more than others (oh yes there are others too none of them is perfect but). The lipstick is shiny but not glossy, packed with color and just red, not orange red not pinky red, which makes this perfect for Indian skin tone. Smooth in application cause of its creamy texture. The saying power is long (3-4 hours) but it transfers real quick, so watch out before staining coffee mugs and cheeks.


Revlon Colorburst True Red is available at price of 630 in India and yes it is not discontinued.

Have you found your perfect-red yet? Tell me about it I am all ears.

Also, checkout my trespassing in Rogue camp, assured fun!


Newly wed’s makeup essential

Everyone expects newly weds to shine all the time, but girl would not have access to beauty salons every day. Unless you’re blessed with gorgeous skin, which I’m not, you have to take help of makeup to look presentable. These are the products that I used a lot for days following wedding.



A good foundation will never let you down, L’Oreal Paris infallible is long lasting, water proof and just what your skin requires to become flawless instantly. Pair it with a powder, L’Oreal Paris True match is not anything good, wish I had kept my Lakme perfect radiance too.

Eyes Basics


Cant live without kajal and mascara, but for those days I needed waterproof, you see Indian weddings are never complete without crying and drama. I stocked Maybelline colossal mascara that I always use, and Maybelline drama gel eyeliner, that can be used as kajal too, which is also long lasting, smudge free and waterproof.

Golden Eye-shadow


Not used much but sometimes. Adding a little color to your lids will add to the glow, a bronze/gold is perfect, nothing much glittery.

Lip colors


The only time when I could wear all bold shades that I rarely get a chance to. Chose Lakme Satin enrich in 135 – bright fuchsia pink, Mayblelline moisture extreme in cranberry – pretty brick red color and Colorbar USA matt lipstick in in Hot hot hot – perfect red color!

So make a list of your lovely products, stock on one which you trust and use always. Don’t experiment with something new, like I did by changing my face-powder.